Vision, Mission, and Philosophy Statement

OES Vision Statement

Oleai Elementary School supports the total development of EACH student. As they develop, each student will become a productive and effective individual: for the family, the community, and the world.

OES Mission Statement

Oleai Elementary School will provide every student a safe, healthy, nurturing, and diversified learning environment facilitated by skilled, creative, and highly qualified professionals who promote lifelong learning.

OES Philosophy Statement

The education of the students of Oleai Elementary School is the responsibility of the entire community. The children of the community are the most important resource and future leaders of the CNMI. It is important that we encourage students to develop good citizenship practices, high moral standards, and positive self-esteem.

OES recognizes that we exist in a worldwide community and that our educational program must reflect global changing needs. OES provides a positive learning environment that challenges students to grow mentally, academically, physically, and socially while ultimately preparing students to become productive members of society and lifelong learners.